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The Brookvale Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has been in the business of Spot/Projection Welded Assemblies for over 60 years.

The Brookvale Manufacturing Co. Ltd. are able to spot weld,  projection weld assemblies onto mild steel and stainless steel.

The Brookvale Manufacturing Co. Ltd. are capable to Spot/ Projection Weld from our capacity of up to 40 Kva machines. The Spot/Projection Welded Assemblies are supplied into the Automotive, Mining, Garden Products and Safety Systems sectors.

The Brookvale Manufacturing Co Ltd. have a well equipped on site tool room where highly skilled toolmakers provide a comprehensive design and build service to produce tooling for our range of Spot/ Projection Welded Assemblies products.

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Spot Weld and Projection Weld Assemblies
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